Weight Loss Support

Our weight loss support system is designed to make sure that you stay on the right track and have someone to help encourage you throughout the entire process. Having a solid support system throughout the weight loss process is one of the most important and beneficial portions of our comprehensive weight loss package.

Weight Loss Support Facts

A weight loss support group can take various shapes. It can be one that has weekly meetings such as Weight Watchers. It can be an online forum in which you meet people with similar challenges, or it can simply be your friends and family. It seems the groups with meetings work especially well. A study done at the Rippe Lifestyle Institute tested the effectiveness of Weight Watchers meetings. It found that “those who attended the most meetings had significantly greater weight loss and decreases in waist circumference (a measure used to assess abdominal fat) compared to those who attended infrequently.”

Benefits of Wight Loss Support

Being in a weight loss support group has many benefits. For example, a study done by Agricultural Research Service nutrition scientists concluded that “dieters who have the help of a support group may experience less stress and less brainpower drain than those who go it alone.”

Your support group does not have to be big, and it does not have to be formal to be successful. In fact, informal can be good, as it may lessen the pressure of having to lose a certain amount of weight every week. You can just hook up with a couple of friends who are as serious about losing weight as you are. When you are in a small group it becomes more intimate, and you may even stay in touch over the phone every day to motivate each other. According to the ARS study, the extra stress and reduced brain power due to lack of support during a weight loss effort may cause a dieter to abandon her efforts altogether.