Nutritional Coaching

Eating the right foods is important to a healthy lifestyle. As a part of our weight loss program you will receive a personalized nutritional dietary plan based on the results of your ALCAT food allergy test. Once you know which foods to avoid, and which foods will help you keep the weight off, you will be one step closer to weight loss success.

Nutritional counseling involves developing a treatment plan that will help patients reach their maximum health potential in all areas – mind, body and spirit.

Ideally, people will obtain nutritional counseling as a preventive measure, before illness sets in. However, nutritional counseling has helped people decrease symptoms of many chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, infertility, obesity and more. Often medication dosage can be decreased, or in some cases eliminated.

Benefits of Nutritional Coaching

There are many benefits to nutritional counseling including a decrease in symptoms of disease, increased energy, weight loss and improved sleep.