Dry Hydrotherapy

We also offer our new therapy called dry hydrotherapy. This therapy combines the healing power of water, heat and massage in a single modality. This therapy can help to increase circulation and metabolism. Click the link below to view a flyer of this new system we offer at the Trinity Wellness Center.

What Is Dry Hydrotherapy?

A dry hydrotherapy massage bed uses warm water and jets similar to a spa tub; but it’s covered in vinyl so the client stays dry. The client lies on the water-filled bed while the jets deliver a soothing massage.

Common Uses

Hydrotherapy brand Aquamed markets its dry hydrotherapy beds to chiropractic clinics, where doctors use them to relax patients’ muscles before treatments. The beds are also used in spas, tanning salons, fitness centers and homes.


Beds are designed and programmed to provide anything from a gentle, warming massage to a more vigorous muscle massage. Some manufacturers add colored lights for a relaxing effect. According to spa and wellness equipment company Hydrother, dry hydrotherapy massage can relieve muscle fatigue, warm the muscles before strenuous use and relax muscle tension.